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South Feeds can trace their origins back to the early 1970ís when, looking to develop and expand the family farm, William (Bill) Hinchliffe introduced a small commercial poultry flock on to what had, until then, been a predominantly arable holding.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, soon after introducing poultry to the farm, Bill committed considerable investment to establishing an agricultural seed cleaning operation. It was the marriage of these two enterprises that sometime later led the business into manufacturing bird feed, initially for their own poultry and before long for sale at the farm gate.

Away from the business Bill enjoyed racing pigeons, a hobby which began when one of the farm staff gave him his first pigeon, Jack. Bill was joined by his then young daughter Louisa and whilst racing in partnership they enjoyed considerable success over many years.

In the early years whilst the family were still growing up Bill alongside his wife and children shared their home with Ben the Green Amazon parrot who, to this day, takes pride of place in his cage in the farmhouse kitchen. Outside, as well as the pigeons, there was always a wide array of poultry and waterfowl of varying kinds.

Following the untimely death of her father, Louisa took over the retail feed business in the early nineties and was later joined by her husband, Nick, when they married in 2005.

Since the early days when demand centred on straight grains and a small number of basic mixes, South Feeds have constantly responded to changing methods, requirements and preferences and always sought to develop and deliver carefully devised mixtures that meet specifically the needs of your birds. .

Nick and Louisa South from South Feeds

Situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds in the historic East Riding of Yorkshire.

100% natural ingredients

South Feeds remain firmly rooted in UK agriculture. Today, the farm established by Bill Hinchliffe extends to a little short of 1000 acres of prime Vale of York arable land. The same fastidious attention to detail demonstrated by Bill is evident in the current generation who, by embracing the best of traditional and modern farming techniques and science, consistently produce grains and pulses that are unrivalled in every respect.

As custodians of the countryside they farm, the current generation of the Hinchliffe family are acutely aware of their responsibility to support and encourage biodiversity whilst actively seeking to enhance the landscape and help improve water, air and soil quality. In recent years extensive hedge planting has been undertaken and crop management is driven by the desire to encourage wildlife and protect the natural environment.

For those crops that cannot be produced at home in the Vale of York, the priority is to source seeds, grains and pulses from trusted growers around the world that share the same commitment to quality and care for the environment.

South Feeds offer a 100 percent natural ingredients guarantee

A modern mill and highly skilled operators ensure exceptional standards of cleaning and production.

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