Quality feeds proudly manufactured in Great Britain.

World class bird food manufactured in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Based on a wealth of experience gained over many years South Feeds have developed a comprehensive range of feeds especially for domestic and hobby bird keepers.



Pigeon Feed

South Feeds are proud to offer a comprehensive range of feed carefully designed to meet the varying nutritional requirements of pigeons during each season of the year. As with all South Feeds products, cleanliness is of paramount importance and achieved using the most up to date and sophisticated equipment to ensure consistently dust free mixes and straights.

With technical support provided by a highly qualified and experienced animal nutritionist each of the pigeon feeds have been formulated by Company Director Louisa South who has drawn upon a wealth of experience gained over many years racing pigeons and serving customers. Individual mixes are carefully designed to deliver a balanced feed whilst maintaining a high level of palatability.

South Feeds Pigeon Brochure


Wild Birds

Wild Bird Feed

South Feeds offer a comprehensive range of mixes carefully formulated to satisfy the year-round nutritional requirements of all wild birds found in the UK. Blended using only the finest quality natural ingredients, all carefully cleaned to ensure mixes are dust-free, most feeds in the collection are further enhanced with Herban , a completely natural blend of Oreganum Essential Oil, proven to enhance gut integrity and support overall good health. As well as feed mixes an extensive catalogue of straight seeds, suet products and fat balls are available.



Game Bird Feed

South Feeds offer a range of standard and bespoke mixes each designed to replicate the natural habitat of both game and wild birds. Composed entirely of natural grains, mixes can either be wheat based or entirely wheat free and typically incorporate other cereals including cut maize, dari and millet together with higher protein seeds particularly black sunflowers, kibbled peas and vetches. The highly palatable feed is further enhanced with aniseed oil which conveys a distinctive aroma known to be highly attractive to birds.



Aviary Bird Feed

South Feeds offer a range of mixtures; each formulated using the finest quality natural seeds, cleaned with meticulous care to deliver a premium feed which meets specifically the nutritional requirements of aviary birds. Each mix has been developed, following close consultation with many of the UKs top breeders, to deliver a balanced ration that supports growth, good health and overall wellbeing.



Poultry Feed

South Feeds offer a selection of mixed poultry corn which can be used as supplementary feed, particularly by domestic and small scale poultry keepers. Based on a high quality mix of cleaned wheat and screened cut maize, specific mixes may be enhanced with a variety of other seeds including dari and safflower together with mixed poultry grit.



Bird Supplements & Vitamins

South Feeds offer to their wholesale customers a wide range of supplementary products; including grits, minerals, feed supplements and accessories from manufacturers including Beyers, Harkers and Herban UK.