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South Feeds Premium Bird Feeds

100% natural, premium bird feed for pigeon, wild bird, poultry and game.

South Feeds can trace their origins back to the early 1970's when, with a clear passion and aptitude for business, the current owner's father William (Bill) Hinchliffe developed the family farm, initially introducing a small commercial flock of poultry on to the predominantly arable holding, before committing considerable resources to establishing an agricultural seed production enterprise. It was the seed processing business and in particular the range of modern and sophisticated plant and machinery used for cleaning crops that enabled Bill Hinchliffe to produce feed for his own poultry as well as pursuing his other love, for racing pigeons, by developing a small range of pigeon corn.

Since those early days there has been considerable investment in modern equipment and techniques. It remains the case, however, that most of the pulses, wheat and barley used in our bird food mixtures are grown on the family farm in the Vale of York, with the remainder produced by local farmers, all of whom are known personally to us, and most importantly who all share our commitment to quality. By insisting on only the finest quality imported straights from around the world to combine with our own grains and pulses we consistently produce bird feed which is unrivalled in every respect.

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